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And yeah gay community, y’all need to back up off a POTUS that is not only the best ever when it comes to trans issues but is the best gay-friendly one as well. I’m a little concerned about the hell raising and drama that’s being ginned up in the white [gay and lesbian] world over an executive order that is not going to cover everyone and would be subject to be erased by the next GOP president.

I seem to recall the same screaming from predominately white GL peeps (many who have been either squishy about the POTUS or outright hostile to him even before he got elected) badgering him about doing an executive order to end discrimination against GL people in the military when he (the constitutional scholar) said it was going to take congressional legislative action to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Turns out he was right then and y’all weren’t. Executive orders aren’t magic wands that end discrimination instantaneously ‘at the stroke of a pen’.

Monica Roberts, “The POTUS Has Still Got This…But

Feb 22

A subtle juxtaposition

Four stories that came across my Google Reader main feed on the same day:

Yep, absolutely no connection between a culture that accepts and actively supports transphobia and violence (physical and emotional) constantly directed against trans* people.