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Apr 24

And yeah gay community, y’all need to back up off a POTUS that is not only the best ever when it comes to trans issues but is the best gay-friendly one as well. I’m a little concerned about the hell raising and drama that’s being ginned up in the white [gay and lesbian] world over an executive order that is not going to cover everyone and would be subject to be erased by the next GOP president.

I seem to recall the same screaming from predominately white GL peeps (many who have been either squishy about the POTUS or outright hostile to him even before he got elected) badgering him about doing an executive order to end discrimination against GL people in the military when he (the constitutional scholar) said it was going to take congressional legislative action to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Turns out he was right then and y’all weren’t. Executive orders aren’t magic wands that end discrimination instantaneously ‘at the stroke of a pen’.

Monica Roberts, “The POTUS Has Still Got This…But

Apr 17

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Here’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s roundtable with the NCTE’s Mara Keisling, NYC counsil candidate Mel Wymore and the legendary Kate Bornstein from over the weekend. The segment touched on a lot of important issues for the transgender community and MHP handled the subject with a level of decorum other journalists would be wise to learn from. (I’m looking at you, Barbara Walters.)

Seeing trans issues being treated seriously and with respect was a fantastic change of pace from the exploitative, sensationalistic garbage the mainstream media usually puts out, although as Monica Roberts rightly points out, they could have done with having a trans person of color on the panel.

Part one is above. Part two can be found here.

Apr 3

We don’t need to be repeating in the African American community what we have observed being aimed at white transwomen for decades in terms of the rabid transphobic hate from rad fems, fundies, GL people and the scientifically illiterate transphobic cis masses.

We don’t need to have our academics espousing ignorant psychobabble like autogynephilia. We also need more of our clergy and legacy civil rights organizations getting on board with helping us not only stopping anti-trans violence aimed at our community, but helping us push trans human rights laws through.

Our African descended cis community must be an example to others in how to treat their trans populations with dignity and respect. We need that to happen so that we can do our part to uplift the African American community.

Monica Roberts, ”Our African Descended Cis Community Must Treat Our Trans People Better