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Mar 28
“Second-wave feminism is the radical notion that trans* women are frankensteins.” Admiring second-wave “radical” feminists doesn’t make you a transphobe, a racist or a bigot against any other group of women so often maligned by the likes of Germaine Greer and Mary Daly, but it certainly doesn’t help.

Mar 10

Nov 23

If you look at any metric that is used to “scientifically” justify sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, racism or the rest,

you’ll find that that very same metric has been used to justify all the others as well. So if you’re willing to use pseudoscience, biased readings of data and poor standards of experimental procedure to explain how men are naturally superior to women or the like, you’d better be a resegregation advocate too.

Bigotry and bad science I can understand, but logical inconsistency will not be tolerated.

Oct 13

Arguing with a troll about Star Wars

She says it isn’t racist because even though the movies have almost no characters that aren’t white or male (and absolutely no women of color), all the alien races represent diversity.

Also this.

Sep 27

Controversial, maybe?


Earlier today, I was talking to one of my (white, cis, male, straight) friends, and we got to talking about abortion. He said he was generally pro-choice, but that it “became tricky” when the guy wants to keep the baby when the pregnant person wants to have an abortion.

I quietly threw a fit, regained my composure, and then started explaining that no matter how much a person wants a child, they have no right to force another person to remain pregnant,  people have a right to their own bodies, etc, etc.  He eventually recanted, and tried to explain where he was coming from. He said things like, “Yeah, well, I haven’t thought too hard about this,” and “I’m not really into politics at all.”

“I’m not really into politics at all.”

And while I’m sure he meant this to provide some sort of reasoning for his viewpoints, (many of which he admitted (after some back-and-forth) were problematic), I realized that I was actually becoming more frustrated.  Because he has the privilege to decide to not care about politics.

He doesn’t have to worry about many of the things that people like me worry about. No one’s trying to take away his right to govern his own reproduction, for example. The things that make it harder for people like me to exist in this country are very often directly tied to politics and government, and so it behooves me to be cognizant of these issues.  

I can’t afford to not care about the government putting limitations on abortion rights.
I can’t afford to not be enraged about police brutality.

I can’t afford to not care about the growing economic disparities between the rich and poor and disproportionately large economic burdens being placed on the poor and people of color.

I can’t afford to not be disgusted by the poor education in POC/poor areas of the country.

I have to care about politics, because these are not theoretical discussions for me.


Sep 20

Sep 10
“Misogyny is not an opinion. Neither is homophobia. If someone says something hurtful or ignorant or just plain wrong, I am going to call them on it. I will not fall all over myself to avoid hurting their feelings. Privileged persons are not entitled to courtesy from the oppressed.” Anonymous Person? (via sharpiehead)

"You’re judging all white men for the actions of a few! That’s not fair!"


I’m sorry, but the moment you try and discredit entire equality movements just because you don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong, you’ve effectively tried to make that movement about you. Think about that for a second; you think that oppressed classes should calm down because you don’t think you’ve done anything. You’ve effectively demanded that said equality movement change its tone to better suit your feelings. The moment you do that, you’re a part of the problem. You’ve done something wrong. Your thought patterns are still hard-wired to think of your white, cis, straight, male status as worthy of some type of special consideration. That’s what we’re fighting against, and that’s what you’ve done wrong.

Aug 16

Aug 14

Things that just do not exist outside of the mind of privilege denying douchefucks




  • Reverse racism
  • Reverse sexism
  • Heterophobia
  • Cisgenderphobia

 I’ve never denied privilege but I’ll bet you’ll deny the fact that not every single male white has been privileged.

Actually, I won’t. Because things like classism, heterosexism, trans-bigotry exist. But being white and male has never meant you’re oppressed. Intersectionality! It’s totally rad. 

Some minorities have certain privileges, although I don’t believe they are very effective. Hiring preferences, in some areas, automatic assumption that racism or sexism is the cause of complaints, in many cases, when it’s not always the case, Obama getting the Nobel Prize, What has he done again? I can’t figure that one out. It must have been the white half of him they awarded it to. My point is that some people do overcome the obstacles that people think are so firmly in place. Why not look at how the people overcame those obstacles and try to emulate them.

Oh, oh, is this the bootstrap argument? Because here’s a response: A lot time a lack of privilege translates into not having any damn boots to pull yourself up. 

The thing that we liberals can’t seem to wrap our minds around is that when we stereotype, we are no better than conservatives who stereotype and you can’t bring one group down to build yourself up. You can’t throw education out the window because it’s biased. you have to find a way to make it less biased. It’s not just biased based on sex and race, it’s biased for people who have learning disabilities and think in non-typical patterns. If you made two genders or two races equal that had never been before, the problem would still exist for another group. That doesn’t insinuate that I’m telling anyone to give up. I’m telling you to think about what’s good for people as a whole and not a small group. People will take you much more seriously when they hear the ring of truth because people know it when they hear it just as they recognize bullshit when they hear it.

Person, I’m with you for reforming education. 

And uh, black people aren’t a “small group”. Nor are women. We’re actually 51% of the global population, but whatever.  I get how you think we don’t really exist since we only make up 16.8% of Congress and 17% of the Senate. 

Also are you insinuating that we shouldn’t bother pursuing equality since it’ll just effect another group? I am not sure I get your point. 

When Nelson Mandela was elected President after 23 years in prison, the oppressed wanted revenge. They wanted to destroy any and all things that reminded them of the former leaders. Mandela told them to forgive. It’s worked out great for South Africa but when he spoke in Atlanta they didn’t like what he had to say. Americans want revenge.

I actually don’t see your point. I don’t revenge, I want equality. How is pointing out that privilege exists “revenge”? I’m just asking people to consider their privilege, how it hurts people. I get that many people have never had to face their privilege and it can be difficult but it’s hardly revenge. 

But nice job closing with Nelson Mandela, very inspirational. And derailing. 

Rock on, sister!

(via spookycyborg)

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