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Jun 12

Bill Maher drops t-bomb twice on live television. Cue indifference from Gay Inc.

On last Friday’s Real Time, part-time comedian and full-time misogynist Bill Maher featured a transphobic joke in his “New Rules” segment.

After a quick dig at a Miss Universe contestant for giving a answer Bill felt was stupic (dames, ammirite?), Maher turned his attention to the former Miss Pennsylvania who allegedly quit the competition over their adoption on trans-inclusive policies.

Bill’s response: “If you’re going to quit Miss Universe over them letting in tr*nnies, you have to admit that most Miss Universe contestants look like tr*nnies anyway.”

Bill Maher: Class Act.

I should point out that while much of Maher’s show focuses on extemporaneous debate, this “joke” appeared in Maher’s prewritten remarks.

We all know how this works now right? We’ve seen it a million times, a celebrity makes an inappropriate remark, the big queer orgs jump down his troat and he either eventually has to appologize or be shunned by all progressively minded people.

Oh wait, that’s only what happens when anyone says anything kinda, sorta, maybe offensive about cis-gays; when trans people are attacked and slurred, you won’t hear a single peep from Gay Inc. or anyone else

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May 31

Link Dump 5/31/12

It’s that time again. My lack of time and still broken laptop has provided me with a backlog of stories I wanted to cover but didn’t and I need to clean to coffers. There’s a lot of positive news this time around. Let’s hope it keeps up.

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